Specialised in electroplating since 1957

With over 6,000 sqm of floor space, and 5 automated production facilities, we understand our customers’ needs so as to recommend the best treatment solutions for every specific requirement.

Our history

Founded by Narciso Piasentin in the late 1950s by taking over the ” chroming-workers cooperative” of which he was a member, the company took the name ‘Nichelcrom’. Later renamed to NICROS S.r.l., it is now run by the third generation – always with the same enthusiasm and expertise.

Experience and expertise

For more than 65 years, we have been a reliable partner for the many companies that, over the years, continue to put their trust in us and in the quality of our processing and advice.

Environmental protection

We were among the first companies in the electroplating industry to join Ecometal, a consortium for the sustainable development of electroplating, which works on research and progress projects. We invest part of our resources and efforts in protecting the environment, seeking to cause as small an environmental footprint as possible.

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