Certified quality

The attention to research and prompt service, combined with compliance with current regulations and the continuous improvement of our standards (also with regard to sustainability and environmental protection) are all commitments which, at NICROS, have underpinned our results over the years.

NICROS stabilimento lavorazioni galvaniche


ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised reference standard for Quality Management Systems.


From experimental research commissioned by Ecometal, it has been proved that HYGIENIC SURFACE product surfaces assure better hygiene compared to glass and stainless steel, as they are more resistant to the attack and development of bacterial colonies. These surfaces are therefore easier to clean and remain clean for longer.

PLATED IN ITALY is the key tool for enhancing the value of all items electroplated in Italy. This label qualifies and distinguishes Italian electroplating companies that manufacture in compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations, thereby ensuring top-quality products and results.


The materials of products bearing the INFINITELY RECYCLABLE label can recycled an infinite number of times; plus, they are ‘friendly’ for the environment, and sustainable-development. The label certifies that after a product has completed its life-cycle, it can be returned to the production cycle an infinite number of times, bringing significant savings in natural resources and energy.

The 100% ENERGIA PULITI DOLOMITI ENERGIA (Dolomites clean energy) label, instead, identifies the origin of electricity from renewable sources.


The company is under A.I.A., (Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale – integrated environmental authorisation), for complying with the principles of Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) laid down by the European Union.